The first time you launch Image2DocInfo, this screen is displayed. (It's in French here, but is in english for non french people). You can click OK to store the description. The small orange icon means that you never stored this pix. Now close the application.
The small icon is green : you have successfully tagged your first pix.
The small icon is red : file has changed on disk since last time you tagged it. Just click OK then previous to go to next screen.
You saved the description in the previous screen : the small icon has become green. The floopy omage is red because there's something to save (you filled some field).
The only possible manipulation on the picture is to rotate it clockwise. The rotate button call jhead and jpegtran to be as lossless as possible. The pix itself does not lose any quality, and exif informations are kept. Logo
Last modified: Sun Jan 16 01:36:23 +0100 2005